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Take your entire community—thousands of students, their teachers, their families, and the public—on a Journey through the Universe.


At a time when the No Child Left Behind Act places new emphasis on student achievement in science, leading school districts to enhance educator professional development, update the science curriculum, implement new assessment protocols, and find ways to get both students and teachers (particularly elementary school generalists) excited about, and comfortable with science….

At a time when the nation recognizes that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education—at the state and local levels—must rise to the immediate challenges of creating a workforce capable of competing in 21st century science and technology global markets…


The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education offers the Journey through the Universe program to communities across the nation—to provide an authentic window on science as a human endeavor, using sustainable programming designed to both inspire…and educate.

What the human race knows about our world and the greater Universe is used to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through interactions with the current generation; give teachers the tools and training to conduct powerful lessons in the classroom that are deeply relevant to the science curriculum; and provide venues for family learning where parents and their children learn together.

Journey programming is for grade K-12 students, their teachers, and their families, is fully customizable to your community’s needs in space and Earth science education, and offers broad content. Programming can focus on a specific grade level(s), or be implemented K-12; and can be implemented across an entire school district, within one region of a district, or in rural areas across several school districts. It’s your program, and you design it.

Journey offers—

  • Packages of lessons customizable to your standards of teaching and learning, and a diverse suite of training programs for your teachers.
  • Scientists and engineers from across the nation visiting thousands of your students—one classroom at a time—providing an authentic and very personal window on the process of scientific discovery, and serving as role models and heroes to the next generation.
  • Programs designed for family learning, engaging parents in the education of their children, and launching families on their own personal journeys of discovery.
  • A framework for partnership between school districts, science centers, universities, civic and business organizations, and the public—all stakeholders in educational success at the local level.
  • Programming designed for sustainability, with ownership by the community’s Local Team.
  • Customizable assessment of all programming.
  • National resources provided on an ongoing basis.
  • Pricing on a strictly cost recovery basis, and we can help you identify organizations in your area that might be interested in underwriting the program.

We are also happy to work with you to craft a ‘test-bed’ program if you want to assess program success on a small scale.


The Journey Story

Using This Web Site

We included a significant amount of information about the program on this web site. We wanted to give you the ability to explore the program as deeply as you desire. To help you explore effectively, we have tried to organize the information in layered pages, and with each page presenting information in order of importance. We are also happy to walk you through the web site, and address any questions you might have. Contact us any time.

The navigation column at the top left of the page accesses all program information. You might start out by exploring the program’s core goals and our fundamental approach to community-wide programming—the Learning Community Model.

The Program Overview section provides a look at all Content currently available, our Pedagogy for science education, good descriptions of the three Journey programming categories—Professional Development, Classroom Visits, and Family and Public Programs, a list of the Provided Resources made available on an ongoing basis, how the programming addresses Standards and NCLB, our commitment to Assessment, approaches to customizing programming for Sustainability, and how program Cost is calculated.

Other main sections of the web site accessed at the upper left include background on our Organization, a look at the dedicated Teams of researchers and educators from around the nation that travel to your community, Testimonials from the participating communities, a summary of Milestones and Achievements since program inception in 1997 including a program history, and the Learning Community Network we are committed to build as part of the Journey program.

If you’d like, you can also go directly to Build Your Program, which will walk you through the steps for customizing a program for your community, and link you step-by-step to the appropriate sections of this web site. Then you can contact us with what you have in mind. We’ll calculate a cost based on resource requirements, and work with you to maximize your program’s ability to meet your strategic needs and minimize cost.

We invite you to take the Journey.

—The Journey through the Universe Program Team

Journey through the Universe
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