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Education ModuleJourney though the Universe provides a suite of resources to a community in support of all programming, and to extend the experiences of audiences. A list of provided resource is found below.

A community may also want to explore permanent installation of a Voyage Scale Model Solar System exhibition. It is a replica of the exhibition permanently installed on the National Mall in Washington, DC, stretching from the National Air and Space Museum to the Smithsonian Castle.

  1. Grade K-12 Education Modules
    A curriculum library of Grade K-12 Education Modules—compendia of inquiry-based, hands-on lessons covering topics such as exploration of the Solar System, galaxy, and Universe; Earth systems science; the search for extraterrestrial life; building a permanent human presence in space; and engineering interplanetary spacecraft.

  2. Education ModuleA Community ‘How-To’ Manual
    Extensive resources for marketing, advertising, and conducting Journey through the Universe programming. The Manual is based on a 10-year heritage of program experience and includes: options for tailoring programs to meet a community’s needs and maximize impact; approaches to, and presentation tools for, developing community-wide collaborations and buy-in; all of the logistics and marketing tools necessary for conducting successful programming; and a suite of assessment templates, with data analysis provided by the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. Organized by programming element (educator workshops, classroom visits, and family/public programs) the Manual covers pre, during, and post activities.

  3. Ask A Space Scientist and Ask a Space Science Educator
    Connects teachers in Journey communities with scientists, engineers, and educators from the Center and the Visiting Researcher/Visiting Educator corps, to address teachers’ questions concerning content and pedagogical approaches in the classroom.

  4. A Journey through the Universe Web Site
    Provides resources, activities, and information for the community’s Local Team, educators, students, and public.

  5. Teachable Moments in the News (TMN)
    A newsletter that takes recent Earth and space science related news stories and places them in a context relevant to the science curriculum through inquiry-based lessons. It equips teachers to use a breaking news story to create a teachable moment in the classroom. TMN is meant to provide educators a seamless pathway from the news desk to the classroom.

  6. Opportunities Clearing House
    Web and listserve-enabled environments that provide Journey communities awareness of, and facilitated access to, the diverse educational resources and opportunities available from our national partners, including: NASA and other federal agencies, universities, museums, science centers, and businesses.

  7. Donated Educational Materials
    Posters, lithographs, multimedia packages, etc., as available, that are donated by Earth and space science research and education organizations across the nation for distribution to Journey through the Universe communities. A donation package is provided to each school and informal science organization represented at the educator workshop(s).
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